Danlac – Danlacofono

Last year we upload a video about recycling empty Danlac’s milk bottles, building a instrument from scratch and performing a simple composition in family.

This year, the brand itself decide to include our family in this christmas’s eve greeting video,

Their current agency, grita independency, contacted us thru our social medias channels and gave us plenty of creative freedom to perform a video for the brand.

Papachango a Sound Designer we met 5 years ago thru youtube, started the creative process sampling the instruments and performing classic christmas carols on Ableton live, having that composition as the backbone, we just jumped into the shooting, trying to just have fun and enjoy the task just like a family activity.

With a pretty low budged, we only used the current tools at the workshop and our creativity,

Like paper, chalks, water, strings and pbc tubes, a pair of canon 700D’s with nifty fifties, a shotgun mic and audio recorders
mixed all on Ableton live, Final Cut and Film convert just on a mac mini.

so more than just perform another job, we try to gain in experience, fun and family/team integration.